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Tele-Products Ltd. Registered in England No 2295985
Registered office: 11 Glaisdale Road, Northminster Business Park, York YO26 6QT
VAT no: GB 500 8077 79
Tele-Products Ltd started in York in 1988. Our business is the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of test, monitoring, measurement & telecoms equipment and related goods and services.
Tele-Products Ltd trades as First Stop Safety and Crucible Technologies.

First Stop Safety supplies everything you need for Portable Appliance Testing. We help companies save money by testing in-house and charities generate income by re-selling used electrical items.
Portable Appliance Testers

We offer a range of simple-to-use Portable Appliance Testers for carrying out PAT testing yourself. The BattPAT gives a PASS/FAIL indication and is ideal for beginners to PAT testing.

The MemoryPAT and MemoryPAT-Blu are our PAT testers with display & results download and are suitable for those carrying out regular PAT testing.

Information on the PAT-IT tester is available at http://www.patinfo.co.uk/pat-it.html

PAT Training

Our beginner's half-day "Demystifying Portable Appliance Testing" course is popular with delegates wanting to carry out in-house PAT testing and save money. Our “PAT Testing Competency course" is ideal with those wanting to offer PAT testing as a service to others and generate an income.

Calibration Service

We offer a full calibration service for any make or model of PAT Tester. We can arrange collection of your tester, calibrate it  
Crucible Technologies supplies innovative products to business. Our range includes test instruments, energy monitoring equipment and caller ID solutions.

Monitoring energy consumption is the first step in understanding where to save money and reducing your carbon emissions.

Our Meter Logger 100 interfaces to utility meters with pulse outputs & logs the data which can be accessed through over the web or e-mailed.

The EML3Net is a three-phase electricity sub-meter and data logger. Once connected the unit logs the electricity consumption which can then be viewed over the internet, downloaded or sent via e-mail.

Caller ID Products

The Meteor Plus is a device for decoding the Caller's telephone number from the telephone line and presenting it on a COM Port of a PC. With the Meteor Plus it is also possible to record the call.

The Comet USB has the caller ID features of the Meteor and comes with a USB interface.


Tele-Products was 25 years old in 2013. Click here for a brief history of our first 25 years